Quarx: A Laravel CMS

Quarx is a powerful Laravel CMS. It gives you the power to add a CMS to your app, rather than build your app around a CMS.

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So Many Features!

Take back the control you've earned. Wield widgets, menus, images, files, pages, blogs, galleries, and anything you want with custom templates, and themes. Need more power? Generate any modules or themes you want.


Quarx works elegantly on mobile, tablet and desktop. Take back control of your app/ websites content.


Obviously powered by Bootstrap for the backend, but feel free to change things up on the front end. The sky is the limit!


Its remarkably easy to add modules to Quarx allowing for custom expansion, you can even expand the default modules.


An elegantly simple way to handle multiple languages built right in.


Accidently lose copy? No worries you can always rollback your latest save.

Custom Themes

Generate and design your own custom themes. You could even sell them!

Extra Power

Quarx is filled with features to make development easier. Letting you focus on the logic rather than the client's desire to change the title.

Responsive UI for all your devices.

Simple artisan commands to control themes, and modules.

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Control your App

Take full control of your app, including Auth, and more. We just integrate with you, and take care of the junk your tired of.

Create your own authorization policy, or use ours

Elegant UI, lightning fast content entry and even rollbacks!


Interested in giving it a chance? Try it out with our demo here! Just use the following username and password!

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Looking to get started and take back control of your app? Click the documentation link below to get started. Don't get stressed, make your job easier with Quarx.